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Sieve Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Ton Sand sculpture


  • What kind of sand should I buy?    Print out the Sieve Analysis (click on the button to the left).  Fax the Sieve Analysis to your sand supplier & ask them to make a batch that is similar.
  • How much sand should I order?  
  • What size sculpture can you make with 10 tons of sand?    Approximately 7 tall & 8 wide.  (Size varies based on design)


Site Logistics

  • How large should the area be?  15 x 15 Min.
  • What on site logistics do you require? 
    • One 110 outlet
    • One hose
    • A Framed in area (four 2 x 12 x 12 boards)
    • Two 5 gallon buckets
    • Optional- One loader & operator- (Bobcat or similar) On day one only
    • When the sand is delivered, have them dump it into the middle of the 2" x 12" x 12' frame.  Please don't level the sand, leave it in a pile.
    • One table for tools
    • One Broom
    • One mop or shop vac
  • What is a standard timeline? 
    • Day 1-  4 hours, Pound up sand (loader & operator needed)
    • Day 2-  6 hours, Sculpt first half of carving
    • Day 3-  6 hours, Sculpt second half of carving
  • Do we need security?  I recommend you have some stantioning available, to keep the viewers at a safe distance (3 feet).  This will protect the sculpture & the spectators.  I am not responsible for the sculpture when I am away from it.


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