1 Block ice demos

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 block ice sculpting demonstrations



  • What size blocks do you need?    I carve 300lb blocks (20x40x10).  Clinebell is preferred for its clarity.  (Clinebell is a common brand name for a block maker).
  • When should the ice be delivered?   1 Hour prior to the first demonstration.
  • Where should we store the ice?   Please store the ice in the shade near the stage.
  • Where can I buy a block of ice?  Look in the yellow pages under ice, if you dont have any success give me a call, maybe I can help.
  • How will the ice get onto the stage?  This is a site specific question, here are a few scenarios.  If the stage has a ramp, I can use your dollie to move it into position.  If no ramp, please have a forklift or similar available to lift the ice onto the stage (15 minutes prior to each demo).



  •  Will the ice be ok in the heat & sun?   As long as the demonstrations are done in the shade or in the evening the ice will be fine.
  •  Do you need electricity?  Yes I require One 20 amp circuit (dedicated).
  •  Do you need anything else?  Yes, please provide a large squeegee (so I can clean up) and some non slip mats, unless the stage is already a non-slip variety. Also a table to place my tools on (on the stage).
  •  Will you need anything to put the ice on while you are carving?  Yes I will need a sturdy wooden riser 20"x20"x20" (remember it has to hold a 300lb. Block)  Please call to discuss if this is unclear.
  •  Do you need A/V equipment?  The stage will need to be lit for night demonstrations.  A microphone makes introductions & the question & answer sessions easier.
  • Will you need any tables?  Yes, one for tools & one to display the finished sculptures.
  • What about drainage?  There are a number of ways to contain the water, here are a few-  Someone could vacuum up the water after each performance.  A pit around the stage could be made of 2"x4" boards & lined with a few layers of 30 mil plastic & someone could just vacuum out the water from the pit.  Or the water could be squeegied into a nearby floor drain.
  • What size stage do you need?  12'x12' Minimum.




  • How long is a single block demo?  35 - 50 minutes
  • What should I expect from a single block demo? 

a.      Introduction

b.      Carve a sculpture from1 Block

c.      Question & Answer session

d.      Engrave kids names into small pieces of ice.

                   E.   Clean-up.


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