“Aaron has been a professional solution to meeting an overloaded production schedule; fast, reliable and quality workmanship.  I also really appreciated the way he worked with our team – it was a positive boost for us all.  Our sincere thanks.” -Heidi Bayley, Iceculture Inc.

“Working with Aaron Costic leads to the highest level of performance, utilization of ice & time.  His dedication to follow direction & design is trustworthy.  He brings not only the unique skill set of ice sculpting, his vast knowledge of tools, business & keeping a great attitude make it a pleasure to collaborate, design & sculpt with him.  Other skills that Aaron has shared with Art Below Zero , include  ideas on transporting massive ice projects & securing safely these same massive ice projects.  We look forward to each scheduled visit, knowing we will be walking away with more knowledge from his arsenal of experience.  Thank you Aaron, you make the Ice World a better place.”  -Jeanne Zuleta VP@Art Below Zero Inc.

“When the Super Bowl came to Atlanta, I brought in Aaron Costic AKA “the Wolf” to help us with that week’s production. He helped with design, carving and installation giving Ice Sculpture Inc. the ability to take orders up to the day of the game. I would recommend his services for any big event or large installation that requires experience and knowledge in the ice carving field. -Jim Duggan, Ice Sculpture Inc.

“I’ve worked with Aaron on a few projects now. Ice Lab tackles large projects on a regular basis but sometimes you just need a bit of extra brain power to make sure your Ts are crossed. Calling Aaron is like having project insurance, he will make sure you are covering all your bases and bring everything you need to get the job done. He is organized and efficient. He’s one of the most decorated carvers in the industry…so your clients will appreciate that you have connections to such a big player in the game. Aaron is humble and pretty darn good company. He will question you if he thinks you are doing something the wrong way but his criticisms are constructive and generally correct. If you need a great sub-contractor to help out Aaron is a great pick.”
– Casey Lee Conner / Founder @ Ice Lab

It is without hesitation that I recommend Aaron’s services, quality of advice, and carving skills. Having a fresh eye and mind is the difference maker in our final products. I get more than anticipated when Aaron comes to town, he works out a plot plan, & tool plan and even helped us through dry ice application devising a three-day plan to keep the pieces tight and frozen. He was the difference to an amazing outcome as opposed to just a good one.

His knowledge with tools and equipment far exceeded our expectations, his precise sculpting and speedy execution meant he could do a lot more that what I asked of him. His carving IQ allows me a stress gap to facilitate the overall program.  My staff just loved him, he gave them a fresh look at tackling problems and nudged them along when necessary.  I look forward to our next big project and remain his friend and colleague.
-Donald Chapelle / Owner Brilliant Ice Sculpture

I hired Aaron Costic, “ The wolf” for a multi block project in Cripple Creek Colorado.  I couldn’t have been any more pleased with the overall result of the project.  Not only myself, but my team was lifted to another skill level while Aaron implicated his techniques and solutions to my proposed design.  I would highly recommend “The Wolf” if you ever need either planning consultation, or a sculpting artist.  Aaron will work with your ideas and help your project shine!   – Jess Parrish,  Cool Hand Ice Carving

Aaron Costic

Ice Carver since 1989

Participated in the Winter Olympic games-

1998 Nagano Japan- Bronze

2002 Salt Lake City- Fourth

2006 Torino Italy- Gold.

2014 Qualified in the number one US seed in Sochi Russia

World Championships- 9 first place finishes, 9 second place finishes, 4 third place finishes

Multiple National Championships

4 Time “Tour of Champions” winner

Achieved the following in one 12 month period- National Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, World champ Realistic Fairbanks, World Champ Abstract Fairbanks

NICA supporter since 1991, (Board member 11 years)

Founded- Coaches retreat, Scholarship program, Certification program, 

Certified- Master Ice Carver, Ice Carving educator, Lead judge